Category: Spectacole

The brave and beautiful Belle ventures out to save her father, imprisoned by a dangerous Beast, in a magic castle. Will the young lady manage to melt the Beast’s heart with her courage and her beauty? Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful fairytale about love and friendship, directed by Florian Silaghi.


Bella, the small girl: Armanca Serac
Dulcella, the middle girl: Zentania Lupșe
Penella, the big girl: Igor Lungu
The father: Andrei Fazecaș
The pup Lușa: Zentania Lupșe
The Beast: Florian Silaghi Zâna
Justa: Igor Lungu, Andrei Fazecaș
With the extraordinary participation of the actors Ioana Dragoş Gajdo and Richard Balint

Directed by: Florian Silaghi
Scenography: Oana Cernea
Sculpture and puppetry: Răzvan Chendrean
Original music: Dorin Griguță
Consultant artistic: Mimi Mierluț

Not recommended for children under 5 years old!

Premiere: 24.03.2013