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1 + 1 = 1 is the first shadow theater production in the Arcadia Troupe's repertoire. A non-verbal show, dedicated to children over the age of 12, teenagers, young people and adults who have deepened their worries, stress, exam and school fatigue, or work routine. What if you could discover the joy of simple things? What if you saw every small event in your life as a miracle? What if you danced in the rain, you played like a child again, you rejoiced that there are stars in the sky today? What would your life look like if you knew that in every moment you could rediscover your innocence, your laughter, your dream? These are questions that 1 + 1 = 1 urges you to reflect on, and to answer, after a spectacular foray into light and shadow.

1+1=1 is a modern approach of the ancient shadow puppets shows, with actors instead of puppets and with spectacular video mapping effects.

Cast: Carina Bunea, Consuela Egyed

Authors: Carina Bunea and Consuela Egyed
Scenography: Răzvan Chendrean
Video creation: Ioana Ilaș Bodale, Mircea Ilaș, Mădălina Baciu, Sergiu Domide
Music selection: Consuela Egyed, Carina Bunea

Stage director and light assistant: Peter Papp
Sound and video operator: Lucian Obadă
Costumes: Anna Cellino
Stangehand: Daniel Turcuț, Sabău Viorel

Duration of the play: 45 minutes

Age restriction: +12

Premiere: October 11th 2020

Trupa Iosif Vulcan:

Trupa Arcadia: