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By Martin Crimp, after Sophocles' Trachiniae

"Cruel and Tender" by Martin Crimp is a contemporary adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy Sophocles' Trachiniae, set in the context of today's political climate. In Crimp's adaptation, the character Deianeira from Sophocles becomes Amelia, the wife of a general. Amelia, who resides in a temporary house near an international airport, receives information about her husband's military activities and devises a plan to bring him back home. Her love for him is overshadowed by doubt and anger when she learns that her high-ranking husband initiated a military attack on a strategic city not only for political reasons but also for personal ones.

By Andreea Tănase

"98% (the right decision)" tells the story of Iza, a seventeen-year-old girl who becomes pregnant by accident. It's a journey of forced and unexpected maturity that exposes one of the most difficult and important decisions in a woman's life. Thematically, it explores topics that are close to teenagers, such as the phenomenon of bullying, friendship, love, sexual life, and femininity. (Andreea Tănase)

On the occasion of International Poetry Day, we celebrate the creativity and beauty of words through a recital featuring selected verses: "Memories... Experiences... Poems...", performed by actor Eugen Țugulea, laureate of the UNITER award for a lifetime dedicated to theater and poetry.

by Martin McDonagh, translated by Bogdan Budeș

The action takes place in Ireland during the 1990s, and the play follows the story of Padraic, a ruthless terrorist from the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), who returns to his hometown to resolve a family situation that requires immediate intervention. As a result of this triggering event, both he and the other individuals involved are drawn into a vicious cycle of revenge that turns small events, otherwise devoid of drama, into an absurd movement of extreme justice.

By Anton Fink

A rather unusual transaction is about to take place. The announcement has been distributed, and already, a candidate has emerged who seems to meet the most important conditions mentioned. In concrete terms, no one knows exactly how to proceed in a situation like this, but efforts are being made to establish the details in such a way that all parties involved will be satisfied. The chances of everything going according to plan are high if we don't take into account the emotional aspect and the complications that may arise with competition.

A delightful and full-of-surprises romantic comedy!

By Jean Poiret

Georges (Răzvan Vicoveanu) and Jeannot (Richard Balint) are a charming middle-aged gay couple. The former is the manager, and the latter is the star performer at a flamboyant drag queen club in Saint-Tropez. After twenty years of happiness outside of marriage, the two face the most significant challenge in their relationship: meeting the parents of their son's fiancée.

Both decide that the best approach is to hide their sexual identities, along with their extravagant personalities, when the future ultra-conservative and anti-gay in-laws come for a visit. This comic scenario triggers a stunning French farce. Musical, emotional, engaging, and astonishing, the play "La Cage aux Folles" is a comic masterpiece about love and preconceptions.

By Mimi Brănescu

"The last ones" is a piece of life lived without restraint or inhibitions. Mimi's works don't spare you, they ache. Everything is raw, authentic, and true. It's a show about dreaming and about powerlessness, about the desire to succeed, to go somewhere brighter. I chose this text because it's harsh, because I believe in truth, even if it revolts us, and is hard to digest. Our characters are trapped in a world and a time that passes in vain. They are as we are, both cruel and beautiful, you judge them, but you also pity them. We all dream of a better life, we all dream of being happy, and depending on the circumstances we find ourselves in, we are willing or unwilling to compromise." (Denisa Irina Vlad)

by Gabriel Sandu

"LUX" is a performance that explores the concept of loss in various forms. The loss of innocence, the loss of a friendship, the loss of a loved one - loss on a symbolic level and loss on a concrete level. Integrating four distinct stories, united by the desire to bring about positive change in the world, the show starts from a documentation of everyday events and proposes an original performative exploration of the effects they have on an individual level.

The four characters act according to their own thought systems, thus outlining a typology for each of them: the victim who constantly needs others to intervene and save them from their own life; the people pleaser who places their own needs last, trying to please others first; the dependent, a naive person who feels comfortable only when protected by a group; and the savior, a strong personality on the outside, who has managed to mask their fears by putting themselves in a position of control.

The performance offers a oneiric journey into the lives of four distinct characters, brought together by special circumstances in which they can reveal their true selves. Starting from the premise that the pandemic, war, and the imminent economic crisis generate massive changes within us, the show seeks that dose of balance we need in order to move forward. (Gabriel Sandu)

"Until Death Do Us Part (Liselotte in May)" is a show where humor intertwines with tragedy. Liselotte, a solitary girl in search of her chosen one, manages to navigate through situations as unpredictable as they are comedic. He, the Chosen One, dons the colorful attire of playfulness, culminating in the sobriety of a master of ceremonies' tuxedo... the ceremony of marriage or of death?

by Florian Zeller

Is love enough to save anyone but yourself?

Nicolas is a teenager going through a problematic phase. Since the family context is not a very happy one either, the parents are divorced and the father has started a new family, the struggle to overcome the critical moment falls on the parents in turn. When the mother becomes overwhelmed by the situation, the father takes over the mission and tries to help his son. Oscillating between helplessness, love, rebellion, guilt, and his own traumas, and fears, the effort to restore the emotional chaos into which the boy has fallen, however, turns out to be more difficult than expected. In all the desperation of the situation, he makes choices that will have unexpected consequences for everyone.

"The Son" is a family drama that realistically exposes a sensitive subject: depression in teenagers and the suffering that all those who are faced with such a problem go through.

adaptation after "Husband for Sale" by Mikhail Zadornov

If you take a husband (Sorin Ionescu) and a wife (Cernea Corina), slightly blasé and comfortable in their relationship, and add the surprise ingredient: a naive young woman in love (Denisa Vlad/Georgia Căprărin)... with the HUSBAND, then it mixes well, adds a little cheese and put it in the oven.
Out will come an explosive concoction that will leave you breathless.... from laughter, of course.

The guaranteed recipe for a good mood!

We could say that everything that is about to happen is because of a piece of roasted pumpkin!

A piece of pumpkin that Toffolo, a woodcutter eager to marry, gives to Lucietta, who, although engaged to Titta Nane, flirts with him only out of boredom and to annoy her younger friend Checca. The other girls in the group join in and a whole mess ensues, in which the men are then involved as soon as they return from fishing.

Each of the girls has her own perspective on the episode in question, and that only deepens the misunderstandings. The Italian village of Chioggia is thus divided into two rival groups and fights fueled by jealousy and frustration begin. The comedy is heightened by the vicar Isidoro, the Venetian official who tries to restore order among the inhabitants of Chioggia.

de Caryl Churchill

For Jack and Margery, who live in a  Middle Age village, life is hard. The lands are small and insufficient, and the fief belonging to them can only be increased by the death or departure of someone from the village. The cattle get sick and die, the butter doesn't always bind, love has withered with Jack's erectile disfunction. All this must be a punishment sent by the Middle Ages God for their sins. But what if it isn`t God who is playing with their lives, but, on the contrary... The Devil? The Devil is known to do his work through his helpers on earth: the witches.

Their neighbor Alice and her old mother have all the credentials to be witches: both are single and have raised lovechildren (probably conceived with the help of the Devil); both curse whenever provoked; them (and only them) are able to restore Jack's erection each time they appear; they are poor and most likely envious of their wealth; but, above all, they have a black cat who frequents Jack and Margery`s household.

So when a famous witch hunter arrives in the village, Jack and Margery are more than happy to sacrifice some of their neighbors for the greater good.

by Giuseppe Berto

 The story imagined by Giuseppe Berto is inspired by the Concerto for oboe and string orchestra in D minor by the Venetian composer Alessandro Marcello, long erroneously attributed to Antonio Vivaldi and then to Benedetto Marcello, and is a romantic drama, consumed under the mysterious and tannic patronage of Venice. The plot is focused on the confrontation of emotions, memories, reproaches, and desires of two characters, He and She, who meet again after a long time on the platform of a station in Venice and gradually discover that despite all sufferance, love is not dead. But time is against them.

In the cast, you will see the actors Sebastian Lupu and Mirela Niță Lupu together, who give an even greater depth to the characters, bringing in addition to the acting contribution, which for the construction of such penetrating roles requires stage maturity and depth, and that of life, they being, in turn, a couple in everyday life. At the same time, the choice of this text was not accidental at all and marks, somewhat in the mirror, the celebration of 25 years of career on the stage of the Oradea theater.

With: Sebastian Lupu and Mirela Niță Lupu

Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill

Ironic, critical, and picaresque, "The Threepenny Opera" is a play that has become a phenomenon in the European cultural space. Written by Bertolt Brecht, a multilateral and influential reformer of twentieth-century theater, after John Gay's satirical melodrama "The Beggar's Opera" (1728), the play captures, like the hypotext, the world of the marginalized: thieves, beggars, prostitutes and preserves original intrigue, but in a different context and exploring new meanings.

Dramatization, concept and stage direction: Emil Sauciuc and Ioana-Maria Repciuc

The Regina Maria Theater invites you to the premiere of the show "Eva Heyman". A shocking one-women show, based on the diary of the little Jew from Oradea, who finds her tragic end in the Auschwitz camp. The show captures Eva's events, thoughts, and feelings for a period of several months, just before she was deported. An authentic testimony about the tragedy of a child and a people!

by Molière

„Monsters only exist if we create them!" In order to survive, a monster must feed himself on the naivety and despair of those around him. Tartuffe is an imposter who can masterfully play any role to achieve his goals. Orgon, a rich, seemingly balanced man, falls into the trap set by the impostor and is so seduced by the false piety he displays that he becomes obsessed. The problem that arises is how we expose the monsters and how we defend ourselves from these villains.

„Tartuffe", a comedy of character, which remains as actual as when it was written.

text and stage direction: Mimi Brănescu

„The Accusative Gender" is a strong tragicomedy, in which the mixture of comics and drama recreates an episode from the daily life of an ordinary family.

After the death of her husband, Marina is determined to take revenge for every injustice she has suffered from her relatives and friends over time. Nothing is forgiven and forgotten, everything is written down with details in a journal. When the plan seems to be interrupted by an unforeseen event, her daughter takes over.

The situations created and the dialogues are humorous, and the characters free themselves from formalities and hypocrisy, but they reveal serious imperfections and raise important questions about family relationships.

by Thanasis Papathanasiou and Mihalis Reppas

Two brothers return to their parent's house to be with their father on the bed of suffering. Under the pressure of his death, truths and interests that have not been uttered until then, come to the surface. From here begins a roller coaster of situations that gets out of control. The relationship between the brothers becomes even tenser than it was, their wives openly expose their dislikes, the neighbor is too involved in family problems, and the biggest and most triggering surprise becomes... the Bulgarian nurse they hired to take care of the boys' father. One thing is certain. They all pursue the same goal: the legacy that will ensure a better life for them, for which they can reach... murder. A stunning contemporary black comedy, in which the humor takes on dark nuances, without losing a second of its humor.

by Edward Albee, translation: Diana Păcurar

How much can you assume your mistakes? How do you manage to make peace with yourself, in the different stages of your life? Would the chance to turn back time make you change anything? If you were given the chance to embark on the journey of your life again, how would you react to the challenges?

Discover the meeting between three women, three perspectives, and one relentless destiny - the show „Three Tall Women” captures the story of a life, from different points of view, which intersect in key moments, full of emotion and subjectivism.

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