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Written by Pierre Chesnot, Directed by Daniel Vulcu

The lie is available to anyone, but only a few succeed in transforming the process of forgery of truth into a science. The ability to get the other to fall into the woven net wisely of carefully chosen statements and charming behavior can indeed become an art.

The adultery relationship between Jean Francois, a film director and his mistress, Nathalie, is about to be discovered by his wife, and the efforts made by the two lovers to create the picture of a suspicious situation, exceed normal limits. Jean Francois is forced to implement his directorial skills and create a space for the truth.


Jean Francois Moncey – Richard Balint
Nathalie Martigue – Lucia Rogoz
Cecile Moncey – Elvira Rîmbu
Hans Muller – Eugen Neag
Heidi Muller – Carina Bunea
Mr Legris – Daniel Vulcu
Nadine Dujardin – Gabriela Codrea
Gerard Blanchard- Pavel Sîrghi
Paquerette – Denisa Vlad
Charles Henri Martigue – Alexandru Rusu
Marc Dujardin – Ion Ruscuț

In other roles: Nicolae Segărceanu, Nicolae Porumb

Director: Daniel Vulcu
Scenography: Bogdan Spătaru
Costumes: Amalia Buie
Translation: Marica Beligan
Duration: 2h 30 min (with pause)
Premiere: 22nd april 2018

Trupa Iosif Vulcan:

Trupa Arcadia: