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By Peter Quilter, Artistic Director: Cristian Ioan

„Glorious!” is a comedy inspired by the life of Florence Foster Jenkins, known in history as the worst opera singer in the world, attributing to her the ironic title of „First Lady of the glissando”. Passionate with music until pathetic, despite the irony of some and the ridiculous desire, she succeeds and her concerts are sold out. The climax of his career is the recital on one of New York's most prestigious concert venues: Carnegie Hall. Her success wouldn't have been possible without the financial resources at her disposal and the support of some devoted friends. An extraordinary show, where the border between courage and naivety disappears. A character willing to give up anything to fulfil her dream. A humorous story, which, paradoxically, has made history and managed to inspire even today. 


Florence Foster Jenkins- Gabriela Codrea
Cosme McMoon – Andrian Locovei
St. Clair – Răzvan Vicoveanu
Mrs Johnson – Mirela Lupu
Dorothy – Lucia Rogoz
Maria – Georgia Căprărin
Uncle Sam – Alexandru Rusu
Contratenorul Viktor – Iosif Viktor
The dog – Biju

Artistic Director: Cristian Ioan
Scenography: Clara Labancz
Translation: Dan Mihu
Musical training: Ovidiu Iloc, Henrieta Varady
Dancers: Ionuț Șerban, Mara Diniș, Marius Precup, Denisa Benko, Antoniu Nica, Nadina Urs

Duration: 2 hours 10 min (with pause)
Premiere: 26th february 2017

Festivals: XXth Edition of the National Comedy Festival Galați - „Fani Tardini” Drama Theater from Galați – September 2017

Trupa Iosif Vulcan:

Trupa Arcadia: