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Dramatization after Ion Creangă, Director: Daniel Vulcu

Ion Creangă's immortal tales have enlightened the childhood of many generations. „Ivan Turbincă” is part of the series of the most famous and loved stories, a combination of satire and humor that can delight children, parents and grandparents. He writes the story of a Russian soldier sent to his home, who decides to set out in the world, with just the little that he was given after the release. His journey, however, will be a good one, because things take an unusual tune: proving that he has a good soul, God is blessing Ivan's bag, so that whatever he commands will come into it. Seeing himself with the magic bag, Ivan begins to make a lot of silly things. Because of this, God gets upset about Ivan, so he punishes him. A novel show, directed by Daniel Vulcu.


Ivan Turbincă – Petre Ghimbășan
God – George Voinese
Saint Peter – Răzvan Vicoveanu
The nobleman – Eugen Neag
The housekeeper – Adela Lazăr
Scaraotski – Lucia Rogoz
Devil no.1 – Georgia Căprărin
Devil no.2 – Anca Sigmirean
Devil no.3 – Adela Lazăr
The death – Angela Tanko
The angel – Tiberiu Covaci

Artistic director: Daniel Vulcu
Scenography: Oana Cernea
Original music: Dorin Griguță
Choreography: Kiss Anamaria

Premiere: November 29, 2015

* This show is recommended to children over 7 years old!