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by Maria Lado, directed by Elvira Rîmbu

This show is a very simple story. A story about love: love between a boy and a girl, love for the others, love for animals... A story about how hard is to choose and about self-sacrifice. A story with humans, animals, and even angels. With laughter, with tears... a mix of comedy, drama and poetry. This three things are joint together, as in the real life...


Swine: Anca Sigmirean
The Neighbour: Șerban Borda
The Master: Andrian Locovei
Little Dog: Răzvan Vicoveanu
Cow: Lucia Rogoz
Rooster: Alexandru Rusu
Horse: Eugen Neag
Daşa: Anda Tămășanu/ Alina Leonte
The Mistress: Gabriela Codrea/ Mihaela Gherdan
Alexei: Ciprian Ciuciu

Scenography: Oana Cernea
Direction & Translation:
Elvira Rîmbu

Premiere date: May 21, 2015