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written by Tudor Mușatescu, directed by Claudiu Goga

"Politics is like fashion! It evolves, it changes, it transforms. Loyalty in politics is just an endless series of adulteries!”, says the main character from ... Escu to justify his political shuttle. Tudor Mușatescu wrote his play in 1933, one year after Titanic Vals, but its heroes seem like people today.

The children of Spirache Necșulescu, the insignificant functionary of Titanic Vals, winner in elections because he says: "Do not choose me!", does not resemble their father at all. Miza, the eldest daughter, is a "wife of a general", the other girl, Gena, is a wife "of the president of the court". And Decebal is ... a politician. Demagogue, greasy, unscrupulous, would do anything to become a deputy. He did enough, as he calmly tells his father-in-law:

«LANGADA (determined to burst "once and for all "): Didn't you make me a liberal when I was a conservative?

DECEBAL: Because the interests of the state demanded that my family be liberal at that time.

LANGADA: Yes ... but you see that you changed parties and I am the fool in this situation. There it is! I can't say a word anymore. Neither at the cafe nor at the club ... anywhere. Whole life as I was a conservative, everyone told me only "Master Iorgu". Now - since you joined the family and messed with the new political currents, - they call me "rat", "rookie", "technician" (...) »

The aforementioned replicas sound familiar to today's spectator as if in a hundred years nothing has changed in Romania. With a talent equal to his master Caragiale, Muşatescu makes in ... Escu a satirical x-ray of the political navies, with an amazing talent ... foreshadowing.

 The blackmail, a bit of an erotic slap, to give salt and pepper to the political life, a little luck of the fool are the tasty ingredients of the play.

And in the end, because the Socialist became a liberal again, but it did not "work out" for him, Decebal Necşulescu, unconquered, decides to make his own party.

What do you say? If you read last year's newspapers, can't you find a clear example under your eyes?

... Escu is not just a vintage piece, with its old and good perfume, but an amazing parable of present Romania ...


Decebal Necşulescu – Sorin Ionescu
Bébé Damian – Șerban Borda
Nina Damian – Denisa Vlad
Amélie – Anda Tămășanu
Miza General Stamatescu – Elvira Rîmbu
General Stamatescu – Petre Ghimbășan
Traian Necşulescu – Alin Stanciu
Iorgu Langada – Sebastian Lupu
Platon Stamatescu – George Dometi
A commissary – Pavel Sîrghi
Fane – Alexandru Rusu/ Eugen Neag
Pişlică – Eugen Neag/ Alexandru Rusu           
Mitzi – Mirela Niță Lupu
Ana – Adela Lazăr
A guard – Andrian Locovei

Direction: Claudiu Goga
Decor: Lia Dogaru
Costumes: Amalia Buie
Face designer: Minela Popa

Duration: 2h 40 min (15 min intermission)
Premiere: March 31, 2019

Trupa Iosif Vulcan:

Trupa Arcadia: