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Suggested by "The Trapp Family Singers" by Maria Augusta Trapp
Presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of R&H Theatricals

In Austria`s 1930s, Maria Rainer, a rebellious teenager, retires in the mountains, to the Nonnberg monastery, with the intention of embracing the monastic life. Mother Abbess, however, realizes shortly that the girl has no vocation for the chosen path, and urges her to give another chance to worldly life, promising that he will receive her with open arms if the attempt fails. At the recommendation of the abbot, Maria becomes governess in the house of the captain of the Austro-Hungarian Navy, Georg von Trapp. A retired officer, a widower, Georg raises his seven children alone, who, despite the military education they received from their father, manage to scare all the governesses. In the captain's house, Maria will bring joy and ... music, managing to conquer the hearts of the little ones. After a while, Maria realizes that she fell in love with Georg, although he is engaged to the young and beautiful Baroness Elsa Schraeder. Frightened by her own feelings, the girl will return to the monastery. But the war will inevitably change her destiny, bringing her back face to face with the man of her dreams and with a new challenge: escaping from the Nazi regime.


Maria Rainer – Adela Lazăr
Georg von Trapp – Sorin Ionescu
Max Detweiler – Alexandru Rusu
Mother Abbess  – Ioana Dragoș Gajdo
Baroness Elsa Schraeder – Gabriela Codrea
Rolfe Gruber – the mailman, lovers of Liesl von Trapp – Eugen Neag
Sister Berta – Zentania Lupșe
Sister Margareta – Anca Sigmirean
Sister Sophia – Carina Bunea
Hans Zeller, Gauleiter – Răzvan Vicoveanu
Franz, butler – Emil Sauciuc
Frau Schmidt, housekeeper – Mirela Niță Lupu
Ursula – Denisa Vlad
Nazi lieutenant – Ionuț Șerban
Baron Elberfeld – George Voinese
Liesl von Trapp – Maria Teișanu
Friedrich von Trapp – Filip Mut/ Alexandru Faur-Balint
Louisa von Trapp – Raisa Vesa/ Gia Cordea
Kurt von Trapp – Filip Ionescu/ Iacob Lakatoș
Brigitta von Trapp – Rebeca Rusu/ Antonia Corchiș
Marta von Trapp – Anastasia Vicoveanu/ Raisa Boldiș
Gretl von Trapp – Anabela Tonț/ Anastasia Feher

 Ecaterina Hannel, Amalia Dan, Georgeta Fazekaș, Florina Pantea, Daliana Negrean, Mădălina Ilea, Daniel Titi Sandro, Dragoș Bodea, Adorian Bodea, Ionuț Bortoș, Bogdan Belteghi 

Orchestra - „Sinfonietta Varadinum” Formation: Georgiana Mircescu - flute, Ioan Pîntea - clarinet, Lorenzo Moroni - horn, Janos Vura - trumpet, Andrea Mirian - guitar, Alex Seretoc - percussion, Flaviu Seretoc - contrabass, Florin Avram - violin I, Tibor Kurucz - violin II, Valer Mînecan - viola, Bogdan Cocora - violoncello, Varady Henrietta - piano

Direction and choreography: Mihaela Bogdan
Orchestra conductor: Romeo Rîmbu
Scenography: Amalia Buie
Choreography assistants: Mirela Lupu, Daniel Titi Sandro


Duration: 2 h 30 min
Premiere: June 1st, 2019


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