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by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Directed by Elvira Rîmbu

A professional meeting between two intelligent men, the writer Abel Znorko (Sebastian Lupu), Nobel Prize for Literature winner, and the journalist Erik Larsen (Petre Ghimbășan), becomes suddenly a spoken chess match. Both strong and dominating personalities, they are playing changing the power shift as each one moves. The meeting is getting a labyrinth form, designed with refinement and a good feeling of the suspense.

The show is directed by Elvira Rîmbu, who directed also ”A very simple story”; on the stage, there are two remarkable actors, that formed during the time a strong duet, able to surprise the public through the subtle and witty shades of their characters.  The complex scenography is created by Oana Cernea. This team creates a surprising and vital production.

Abel Znorko: Sebastian Lupu
Erik Larsen: Petre Ghimbășan

Direction: Elvira Rîmbu
Oana Cernea
Nicolae Weisz

Premiere: March 9, 2018


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