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a script by Gavriil Pinte after William Shakespeare, with inserts from George Banu and Monique Borie, Directed by Gavriil Pinte

Macbeth Episode – Obsession of Power

This episode closes the trilogy „In the Heart of the Night”, after Hamlet Episode and Lear Episode.

Only the key-lines were kept from the original text. The missing parts are supplanted by physical actions that the play is supposing or that could be imagined. The link between some sequences and also the analyze of several important elements belongs to George Banu and Monique Borie.

We are following two people, Mr. and Ms. Macbeth, gone on the path without return of self-destruction. The projections of these tormented souls could take strange forms. Thus, the witches are signs of old hidden aspirations, a surrogate of desires that come back obsessively.

We play theatre at night form the fear of Night itself. And also due to our desire to forget the day’s wanderings. We play to save ourselves! Night and day. Forever and ever at a crossroad…, as George Banu says.

Mr. Macbeth: Șerban Borda
Ms. Macbeth: Angela Tanko
The King: George Voinese 
Banquo: Răzvan Vicoveanu
Macduff: Ciprian Ciuciu
The Gate-keeper: Sebastian Lupu
The Doctor: Mirela Lupu
The Wizzard: George Dometi
The Witches: Georgia CăprărinAdela Lazăr, Anca Sigmirean și Anda Tămășanu

Scenography: Roxana Ionescu
Music collage and Direction:
Gavriil Pinte

Premiere date: April 24, 2018

Trupa Iosif Vulcan:

Trupa Arcadia: