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by N. V. Gogol

The "Government Inspector " is a satire, a comedy of morals and errors, which is part of the category of texts whose contemporaneity does not degrade over time; being a literary caricature of human defects, its actuality will cease with the disappearance of man ... In the show "The Auditor" we have as protagonists the corrupt officials from a Russian provincial town, led by the mayor, who receives disturbing news: a Government Inspector will arrive incognito in their city to conduct some investigations. The clique activities risk being discovered, thus, each of those involved assumes their own corrupt deeds and tries to correct them according to the possibilities. In the process of organizing the cover-up, they receive the news that a suspicious individual has arrived at the inn, showing the behavioral signals of an inspector...

Anton Antonovici Scvoznic-Dmuhanovschi, mayor Șerban Borda
Ana Andreevna, mayor's wife – Gabriela Codrea
Maria Antonovna,  mayor's daughter – Anca Sigmirean
Luca Luchici Hlopov, school inspector – Petre Ghimbășan
Ammos Feodorovici Liapchin-Tiapchin, the Judge – Sorin Ionescu
Artemii Filipovici Zemlianica, Commissioner for Health – Pavel Sîrghi
Ivan Cuzmici Şpechin, Postmaster Eugen Neag
Piotr Ivanovici Dobcinschi, local landowner – Alexandru Rusu
Piotr Ivanovici Bobcinschi, local landowner – Sebastian Lupu
Ivan Alexandrovici Hlestacov, a servant from Petersburg – Răzvan Vicoveanu
Osip, his servant  Andrian Locovei
Mr. „N” – Alin Stanciu
Stepan Ilici Uhovertov, Police Superintendent – David Constantinescu
Avdotia, mayor's housekeeper – Lucia Rogoz
Waiter at the inn Ciprian Ciuciu
Prostitutes, beggars, guests, rats Carina Bunea, Maria Teișanu, Giorgiana Coman, Alina Leonte, Denisa Irina Vlad, Adela Lazăr și Anda Tămășanu (Miruna Lazăr,  Calița Nantu, Daniela Purcărea)
Rats, guests, passers – Ciprian Ciuciu, Pavel Sîrghi, Petre Ghimbășan, George Dometi, Eugen Neag, David Constantinescu, Ionuț Șerban, Igor Lungu

Stage direction: Petru Vutcărău
Assistant director: Elvira Rîmbu
Scenography - set: Adrian Damian
Scenography - costumes: Tatiana Popescu
Assistant scenographer - costumes: Mădălina Baciu
Choreography: András Lóránt
Light design: Bogdan Gheorghiu
Video design: Ioana Ilaș-Bodale

Duration: 2 h 45 min (with one intermission)
Premiere: February 18 and 19, 2020, Grand Hall

Not recommended for people under 14!

ATTENTION! Strobe lights are used in this show and it is not recommended for people with epilepsy, pacemakers, and pregnant women!

Awards and nominations:

Award for Best Scenography: Adrian Damian - UNITER 2021 Awards Gala
Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role: Răzvan Vicoveanu, for the role of Ivan Alexandrovich Hlestacov - UNITER 2021 Awards Gala

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