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by Edward Albee, translation: Diana Păcurar

How much can you assume your mistakes? How do you manage to make peace with yourself, in the different stages of your life? Would the chance to turn back time make you change anything? If you were given the chance to embark on the journey of your life again, how would you react to the challenges?

Discover the meeting between three women, three perspectives, and one relentless destiny - the show „Three Tall Women” captures the story of a life, from different points of view, which intersect in key moments, full of emotion and subjectivism.


A – Corina Cernea
B – Mihaela Gherdan
C – Alina Leonte
The Boy – Eugen Neag

Stage direction: Diana Păcurar
Scenography: Oana Cernea
Assistant scenographer: Ilinca Ghimbășan
Choreography: Selina Colceru

Premiere: 22 și 25 octombrie 2020 – Sala Arcadia

Duration: 1 h 30 min

Not recommended under 16!


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Trupa Arcadia: