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by Molière

„Monsters only exist if we create them!" In order to survive, a monster must feed himself on the naivety and despair of those around him. Tartuffe is an imposter who can masterfully play any role to achieve his goals. Orgon, a rich, seemingly balanced man, falls into the trap set by the impostor and is so seduced by the false piety he displays that he becomes obsessed. The problem that arises is how we expose the monsters and how we defend ourselves from these villains.

„Tartuffe", a comedy of character, which remains as actual as when it was written.


Madame Pernelle, Orgon's mother: Corina Cernea
Orgon, Elmire's husband: Richard Balint
Elmire, Orgon's wife: Angela Tanko
Damis, Orgon's sun: Ciprian Ciuciu
Mariane, Orgon's daughter, and Valère's lover: Mihaela Gherdan
Valère, Mariane's lover: Alin Stanciu
Cléante, Orgon's brother-in-law: Pavel Sîrghi
Tartuffe, a pious hypocrite: Răzvan Vicoveanu
Dorine,  Mariana's companion: Lucia Rogoz
Mr. Loyal: Sebastian Lupu
Laurent: Andrian Locovei

Stage direction, original music, and text adaptation: Vlad Trifaș
Scenography: Oana Cernea
Light design: Bogdan Gheorghiu

Duration: 2h

Premiere: September 19, 2021 - Grand Hall

Not recommended for people under 14!

Poster made by Richard Balint.

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