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By Martin Crimp, after Sophocles' Trachiniae

"Cruel and Tender" by Martin Crimp is a contemporary adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy Sophocles' Trachiniae, set in the context of today's political climate. In Crimp's adaptation, the character Deianeira from Sophocles becomes Amelia, the wife of a general. Amelia, who resides in a temporary house near an international airport, receives information about her husband's military activities and devises a plan to bring him back home. Her love for him is overshadowed by doubt and anger when she learns that her high-ranking husband initiated a military attack on a strategic city not only for political reasons but also for personal ones.


Amelia: Alina Leonte
The General: Alin Stanciu
James: Tudor Manea
Richard: Eugen Neag
Jonathan: Ciprian Ciuciu
The Maid (Rachel): Adela Lazăr
The Masseuse (Cathy): Anda Tămășanu
The Manicurist (Nicola): Giorgiana Coman
Laela: Carina Bunea

Artistic Direction: Andrei Dinu
Scenography: Hanna Nistor
Assistant Set Design: Răzvan Chendrean
Movement and Choreography: Raul Hotcaș
Graphics and Animation: Alex V. Miclăuș

Premiere Date: August 24th, Transilvania Hall
Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Recommended for age 16+

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