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by Vajda Katalin, artistic director: Andrei Mihalache

“The Lovers of Ancona” is a musical comedy, adapted by Vajda Katalin, in which all appearances are false and nothing is what it seems. The play is a musical comedy, the songs are those chosen from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, and all heroes know how to sing, proving once again, if necessary, that the Italians are romantic and passionate. The action of the play takes place in the little town called Ancona, in an old piazza, where the togetherness of the homes and the Latin blood make keeping secrets impossible. The most important man in town is Tomao Nicomaco, a widowed Don Juan, who is no longer in his young years, but is set to conquer a young Romanian maiden, Victorița, who is visiting Ancona in order to find Giovanni, the father of her unborn child.


Don Tomao Nicomaco: Richard Balint
Lucia: Anca Sigmirean
Luigi Del Soro: Sebastian Lupu
Drucilla: Corina Cernea
Lucrezio: Alexandru Rusu
Victorița: Adela Lazăr
Giovanni: Andrian Locovei
Dorina: Mihaela Gherdan
Agnese: Ioana Dragoş Gajdo  

Artistic director: Andrei Mihalache
Music coordinator: Dorin Griguţă
Costumes: Amalia Judea

Date of the premiere: April 15, 2011