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Specific to the fairy tale, the character Stan Bolovan goes through a series of fabulous, fantastic adventures, and is tested by some memorable trials. In this story, as in many popular snobs, the way in which cleverness and boldness can compensate and even surpass the physical strength and incredible abilities of some supernatural beings is highlighted.

Stan Bolovan seems to be a link between the famous Romanian fairytale Păcală and a typical Handsome Boy from Romanian legends.

We can't wait to show you a fairy tale like never before - a Romanian story to everyone's liking!


Stan Bolovan: Florian Silaghi
Stanca: Zentania Lupșe
God: David Constantinescu
St. Peter: Andrei Fazecaș
The dragon: Andrei Fazecaș
The little dragon: Alexandru Pop
Stan The big dragon: Igor Lungu
Mother of dragons: Zentania Lupșe
Children, props: Armanca Serac

Director: Maria Mierluț

Director assistent: Florian Silaghi

Scenography: Oana Cernea

Duration of the play: 55 minutes

Age restriction: +4

Premiere: 7 May 2016

Trupa Iosif Vulcan:

Trupa Arcadia: