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Written by August Strindberg, directed by Alexander Weinberger-Bara

Miss Julie is text considered a masterpiece of Strindberg – relies on the revelation of the human nature with all the „patches of the soul”, as the playwright writes in the preface. Strindberg's argument presents a very modern vision of the theater a century ago, and the intrigue goes on several levels. We are facing a conflict of social and gender classes, beyond a very pregnant erotic horizon and paced in the foreground. Julie is a declining nobility class, through the ”degeneration” of individuals, while Jean is the exponent of a new middle class, ascending, with good reflections and able to learn quickly. Strindberg can't fail to be a misogynist in the preface, so it's clear that the main source of the text is an erotic one and autobiographical.

The director, Alexandru Weinberger-Bara, which debuts with this show on the stage in Romania – has articulated a strong artistic discourse with a stake on actors, which also takes into account the sexual tension of the event, but also its social dimension and posture of victims still incapable of emancipating the heroes. A show about (almost) impossible escape...

Groza Claudiu

Miss Julie – Anda Tămășanu
Jean- Sorin Ionescu
Kristin- Lucia Rogoz

In other roles: Raluca Georgiana Costa, Anda Patricia Uivaroși, Șerban Ionuț, Nadina Urs

Artistic Director: Alexandru Weinberger-Bara
Scenography: Vioara Bara

Premiere: October 14, 2018   

Not recommended for people under 15!

Warning! Stroboscopic lights are used in this show and it`s not recommended for people with epilepsy, pacemakers and pregnant women!

Trupa Iosif Vulcan:

Trupa Arcadia: